Digital Signage

Easy Way To Push Your Brand Forward

Ginger Technologies provide digital signage solutions to display a mix of engaging and targeted information on screens in Qatar.

Digital signage solutions enable companies to showcase multiple products in one place, highlighting health and safety notifications and alert, promote internal communication and showcase offers and incentives within the retail sector.LCD, LED and projection technology enables you to display content anywhere around the world, and with the ability to display digital images, video, streaming media, webpages and text, you can effectively deliver your brand messages in a very targeted and effective way.

Digital signage is very well thought out and arranged to get the most effective advertising and the most attraction possible - providing the best experience for potential customers.

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Increase Engagement

Digital Signages capture 400% more views than standard displays and 8/1- customers claim to have entered a store simply because some Digital Signage caught their attention.

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Increase Customer Satisfaction

Digital Signage has a hugely positive effect on your customers’ overall experience. Customers that interact with digital signage report as having 46% higher levels of satisfaction

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Increase Opportunities

Digital Signage helps eliminate a range of time-consuming jobs that would have been responsible.

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Provide Opportunity for Growth

Recent reports indicate that brands experience a significant increase (up to 33%) in sales after installing Digital Signage.

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